Thursday, May 27, 2010

beauty wake up call:: Guest Blogger Tracee Dolan

Good Morning!
Do you really think this in the am when you arise from your deep or not so deep sleep? How do you approach your day? Is it with exhaustion, aggravation, are you annoyed with the sun peering into your once dark room.

Re-program your brain and first reaction to your new day- every day by greeting it with appreciation. Break the pattern of the blaring alarm- jarring you from sweet sleep and find a little promise and possibility in the sun, rain, clouds or dew that show each morning. Imagine your best possible day unfolding before you. This is such a small shift and it may change your entire day/week/perspective.

Another morning wake up tip? Stretch. Ever see a cat stretch? It feels as good as it looks. Your body detoxes while you sleep. So if you do a kitty-esque stretch when you arise, you break up the toxins and stuck areas in your muscles and you allow your prana, chi, life force, whatever you call it to flow through your body.

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