Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Beauty Tip Tuesday: Cherry Chaptsick, it's not just for Katy Perry!

Red lipstick is not for everyone and even though we all want to try it from time to time, finding the right shade can be somewhat of a challenge.  Should you wear a blue-red or an orange-red?  What's right for your complexion?  What's in this season?

This tip is for all of my bare-boned ladies who aren't quite bold enough for a red lipstick but still want to try something with a little pop, maybe for that special night out!

Try cherry chapstick with a clear or sheer red gloss on top!  It's fun without being too over the top!

I tried it out this weekend on a bridesmaid.  She requested a  20's style look but just couldn't swallow the idea of a bright red lip, so I whipped out my cherry chapstick and topped it with a raspberry gloss!  And, guess what?  No, she's didn't kiss a girl (hehehehe!) She loved it!


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  1. love this! I have cherry chap stick in my car, purse, and camera bag ;)