Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beauty Tip Tuesday: Pretty Hands!

We spend so much time focusing on how we can improve our complexion, we often forget about the other areas that need attention too.  Our hands, for one, take such a beating!  Think about how much you wash them, how much they are in the sun, and all of the other things we do using our hands ( change diapers, type, wash dishes, the list goes on and on..... Your hands are a dead give away on your age ( not that I think anyone should hide their age by any means)  but why not treat them right!

A great way to keep your cuticles soft, the skin smooth and tight, and lighten any age sun spot is to use a retinol cream on your hands at night.  Any facial retinol cream will do.  Then, layer on some vaseline and put on some cotton gloves before bed!

Wait 'till you see what a difference this makes!!  


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