Thursday, September 30, 2010

thursday guest blogger: Madly in Love With Me! by Tracee teaches Yoga

               tLast evening on a whim, we were lucky to meet 3 fabulous ladies at a workshop called 'Madly in Love With Me" held at Crowning Glory a brand new jewelry boutique in the center of Branford, Ct (1080 Main St).

 The event was held by Laura Weisbart Campbell & Janice Christopher. Laura is a Divorce Expert, Life Reinvention Coach & founder of the D Spot LLC click here.  Janice is a Strategic Attraction Expert, a Certified Passion Test Facilitator and the founder of Life by Design Coaching. click here

The workshop recap in a word? fabulous.

     A group of like minded women all attracted to this self loving event- in a beautiful newly opened jewelry boutique owned by Sandy Goodkind..

We started with a chakra clearing meditation and proceeded to go over a template of Christine Arylo's book "Choosing Me before We". It was informative, reflective, intimate & fun. We went over affirmations, new manifesta's and made some vows to help reprogram the way we think about ourselves.

I highly recommend this workshop and the coaching of both facilitators. I also highly recommend a visit to Crowning Glory for some jewelry and fancified purchases. YOU deserve a treat!

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  1. i had great time last night tracee. thanks for getting me out! So excited for our plans...xo