Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beauty Tip Tuesday: Prevent Spider Veins

Spider veins can appear anywhere but are most common on the face around the nose and on your legs!  They are caused by the back up of blood from standing for long periods of time or over exposure to the sun.  In some cases, they are also caused by hormones.

To treat and prevent spider veins you can try the following lifestyle changes:

1.) wear sun screen daily  (even in the winter months!)
2.) control weight with moderate exercise
3.) Try a diet high in fiber and low in salt
4.) Don't cross your legs for long period of time; avoid wearing heels everyday.
5.) Elevate your legs as much as possible, especially after a long day on your feet

You can also try using Arnica oil ~ infused with sweet soy & Vitamin E

Arnica in it's purest form, is known to be natures best remedy for external bruising, swelling, and spider veins.

Try Arnica Remedy Oil by Farmaesthetics ($21.50; available at the Beauty Library) !  Massage a capful onto desired area or add a few drops in a hot bath to soak.  Use regularly for best results!!



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