Saturday, September 25, 2010

Feature Friday by Lindsay Milan - French Braid Tutorial

Good morning, JF Beauties!

Happy, happy Friday to you all!  

I've been getting lots of requests from friends and family for lessons on how to do a "french braid", and actually, it was my Aunt Missy who gave me the idea for a video how-to. (Thanks Auntie Miss!)  My family is from the midwest, and since I don't get a chance to get out to see them very often I thought, what better way to say hello and offer a few french braiding tips to my aunt than a 'vlog' post?

So, here it goes: 
(Disclaimer: My apologies in advance for the poor video quality, I'm working with an unfortunate point-and-shoot camera here, people.)

A simple, 'un-done' french braid how-to - just for you!

Feel free to chime in with other tutorial requests, beauties!  Would be happy to help :)

Have a great first weekend of Fall!  


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