Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beauty Tip Tuesday: Spring Cleaning

It's Spring Cleaning time!!  Wardrobe, check.  Car, check.  Windows and Floors, check.  Now, get out that makeup bag and lets get to it!

Are you wondering what must stay and what must go?  Here are a few guidelines to follow when cleaning out and updating your cosmetics:

Is your mascara more than 3 months old- Dump it!

Does your lipstick or lip gloss smell funny?  Dump it!

Eye shadows have a longer shelf life because of the powder formula!  If you still have that blue eye shadow that you bought last year - Now is the time to wear it!  

Foundation is tricky.  Because it's a liquid, it can harbor bacteria, so you don't want to keep it more than a year.  If it's new but just a little too light for the spring and summer, you don't have to buy a darker shade.  Just pop a bronzer on top!

Or kill two birds with one stone and switch from a foundation to a tinted moisturizer with SPF!  Instant glow with protection!

Do you want to update your look without spending a fortune?  The best items to buy are 1.) a new lip shade in a pinky or coral tone.  2.) A new blush  3.) a fun eye liner in an unexpected shade like plum, marine blue or topaz.

Give those makeup brushes a good cleaning and you've got yourself a tidy and updated makeup bag for the warmer season ahead! 

Need a little help from a professional:  Call me to schedule a makeup lesson!  We will clean out your bag, update your look and teach you how to apply your new products!  $85


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