Monday, March 15, 2010

Must Have Monday: A Sexy Floral Scent for Spring!

Here we are in mid-march--it's not quite winter and it's not quite Spring.  I think we can all agree though, that Spring is certainly on everyones mind!  

I want to share a stunningly beautiful scent that is perfect for this in-between season and can carry you right into summer.  I am not usually a fan of florals, but when I smelled a sample of this lush perfume, it blew me away!

Carnal Flower was created by Dominque Ropion.  He worked on the formula for nearly three years before releasing it in 2005.

The scent opens with heavy, green notes of citrus leaves and branches.  Soft, fruity nuances of melon and coconut follow and it finishes with the lasting notes of tuberose and orange blossom.

It's a soft scent that doesn't call too much attention to itself, although the it's the mystery and sexiness of the tuberose that really shines!

A must-have for my perfume collection!  (Honey, are you reading this?)

Available exclusively at Barneys!



  1. Sounds amazing! I may have to suggest this one to my 'honey' too! Orange blossom is one of my favorite scents...

  2. Yeah! Especially on a warm spring night! It's really pretty!! xox