Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What's Happening Wednesday: Home Decor Inspiration

Fabrics patterns by Amy Butler ( for my dining room chairs!)

You may or may not know, that my husband and I recently moved into our new home.  It's a very exciting time for us and at moments, a little overwhelming.  It's been difficult to concentrate on anything else because all I want to do it decorate, decorate, decorate!!  

Like most new home owners, we are on a budget and need to pace ourselves.  For now, our priority is painting and updating some fixtures on the main floor.  So, this week, I thought I would share with you some of my inspiration for designing my new home.

It all starts with a vision, right?  Well, to help me get started with choosing paint chips, I met with the very lovely and talented home design artist, Robin Reed.  If you have a chance, you HAVE to stop by her amazing studio, MONTAGE located in Branford, CT.  My favorite paint color- Coastal Fog by Benjamin Moore- a neutral, warm gray.

Next, we wanted to make some simple hardware changes in our kitchen.  For this task, we shopped at Restoration Hardware and chose some very cool vintage style handles in a brushed satin nickel. 

This weekend, my project is to finish painting the FREE patio set that was given to use by some friends.  I'm painting it a smokey beige color, to resemble driftwood and buying some new cushions in blue and white for an earthy and beachy feel.

I promise to share some pictures soon.  For now, check out a few of my other go-to stops for design inspiration:

For Fabric: Amy Butler and Joanne Fabrics
Furniture Splurges ( there won't be too many of those): Venetucci Home
Closet Organization: Target
Odds and Ends: Ikea
Lamps and accessories.: HomeGoods

If anyone has any favorite places I should know about or any design tips, please let me know!



  1. where will you get your essential power tools and gardening supplies?

  2. robin reed is the BEST. she just exudes style. run don't walk to her shop. and for amy butler fabric, buy online at you can buy and return, so color matching is easy.

    congrats jennie on the new abode. ox

  3. Doug is that you? Power tools and gardening supplies-- I leave that up to the man in the house! Home Depot and Country Paint and Hardware have become regular stops!

    Thank you Christine! Robin rocks!