Thursday, March 11, 2010

Relationship Thursday: Creative Ways to Say I Love You

After almost two years of wedded bliss, I'm always looking for creative ways to tell my hubby that I love him. I'm a big fan of leaving little love notes in his lunch bag, but I thought I'd see what ideas I could find online to spice things up a bit.
Here are some great ideas from Family Sanity Savers:
  • Ask your mother-in-law for his favorite dessert from childhood and surprise him with it.
  • Write love notes in soap or lipstick on all the mirrors on the house.
  • Frost some cookies with flirty messages on them and slip them into his lunch.
  • Welcome him home with a chalk message in the drive way.

And here are a few ideas of my own:

  • Make a CD with your wedding song (or if you're not married, a song that reminds you of him). Put it in the CD player in his car and write a cute note to stick on the steering wheel telling him to push play.
  • After a long day of work, run the bath, light some candles and be waiting in the tub when he gets home.
  • Cut out some colored hearts and write love notes on them. Hide them around the house where you know he'll find them.
  • Invite his friends over for the big game. Order pizza and get some beer........then get lost. He'll love you for giving him some "guy time".

I'd love to hear how you and your guy say those three little words without actually saying them. Please share!

Part of maintaining a long healthy relationship is coming up with creative ways to do the ordinary. So grab that old tube of lipstick and start writing on the bathroom mirror!

xoxo Kelly


  1. Kelly , what a great post! I can't wait to try some of these fun idea for Dooger! xox