Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beauty Tip Tuesday: How to use a self-tanner

Now, most of you know, I don't advice baking in the sun but I certainly don't expect you to forgo your tan.

If you have used a self tanner in the past, chances are you had some kind of terrible experience.  Whether the color was too dark, streaky or didn't show at all, we have all been there!  Here are a few helpful tips for how to apply self tanner:

First you should understand that these formulas are made with DHA or dihydroxacetone which temporarily stains the skin.  It's a derivative found in natural sugars.  Think about an apple.  What happens to the apple when you slice it in half and leave it on the counter for a few hours!?  It turns brown, right?!

1.) Start exfoliating your skin about a week before.  Any drugstore body exfoliate will do.  I suggest doing this step while you're in the shower.

2.) Liberally apply moisturizer before applying the self tanner.  This really helps with an even application.  Apply a little extra around your ankles, elbows and anywhere else you have dry skin.

3.) Don't shower or shave your legs immediately after you applied the self tanner.  It will last longer if you wait about 12 hours.

Here are some brands that I have used in the past and liked:

Sisley Gel Tanner( expensive, but by far the best and most natural looking self-tanner that I have ever used!!)


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