Thursday, June 17, 2010

JFBL Guest Blogger: Tracee Dolan: Yoga, Yoga, Everywhere :)

Your yoga is EVERYWHERE.

Yesterday, I was looking forward to my early evening class that I teach on Wednesdays (4:45 hot yoga @ Pure Studio in Branford) and looking forward to my personal practice (@ Balanced studio in New Haven @ 6:45). .
After class, I get on the highway and there is Traffic galore! Did I tense up, swear, allow my self to become frustrated -or even entertain the 'woe is me' feeling of nothing goes right?

Heck no!! I got the message that my yoga lesson (class) was still happening, it just wasn't in the studio, as I originally hoped. I opted to breathe, listen to music, think + , affirm, bring my practice to this moment and quite literal "road block". It was 6 pm and I didn't get home or even off of the highway- until almost 8 pm (and this is New Haven, Ct. not LA). I didn't come home with an anger hangover, or even allow frustration & tension to enter my thoughts, heart or body. Sure, it wasn't exactly awesome, but it wasn't the end of the world either. I went with the flow and decided I would go for a run. It was a beautiful night and I practiced more yoga in that car, than I would have ever accomplished on any mat.

Maybe next time you hit a "road block" you can chalk it up as 'living' a little bit your yoga and recalibrate.

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Tracee Dolan is available for group or private instruction. Please contact or phone 617.448.5593. It's summer'ish weather, so feel free to take any class outside :)

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