Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's Happening Wednesday: We are growing....Meet Shelly Dolan

I'm happy to introduce, our new makeup assistant, Shelly Dolan!!

Shelly comes to JFBL with a true love for beauty!  Her passion for makeup started at a very early age.  She has been involved in dance, theatre, film and fitness throughout her entire life.

Shelly holds a degree in broadcast communications and may I add, maintained a spot on the deans list throughout her program!!  In addition to joining our team, Shelly is also working as a spinning instructor part-time.

I have been working closely with Shelly on her makeup training for the last few months.  AND, she is also working with us behind the scenes, sharing her 'other' talent: directing and producing videos and movies!  She is working on a makeup video for our blog as well as some other projects that we have in the works, as I type!!  You'll just have to stay on the edge of your seat.....

I am beyond thrilled to have Shelly join our team!  She is a kind soul with positive energy, a friendly and pretty face, a jill of all trades, a passionate and talented artist!  

Welcome aboard Shelly!

( In case you are thinking her name sounds familiar, it's because Shelly's sis, Tracee Dolan is one of our guest bloggers featured on Thursdays)!


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  1. awesome post jennie!!!!

    love to you shelly! so proud of your accomplishments xoxoxoxoxo