Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's Happening Wednesday: Another Clue......

Visual Clue #2

Last week, I started a little game with all of our readers out there.  We are launching a really fabulous idea here at the Beauty Library at the end of the summer.  Can you guess what it is?! Oh, did a mention the dream team that is helping to bring my vision to life:  Two Creatives, Fletcher Design Studio, and Robin Reed!  Seriously, I can't wait to reveal!

In other news.....

I'm putting together a health, fitness and beauty discussion panel this Fall.  I'm so thrilled about the project and especially excited about the line-up of professionals who are already showing interest in participating!  

Today, I would like to introduce our readers to one heath professional in particular, Ms.  Jane Ashely!  

Jane Ashley, MA, CNC, AADP is a Nutritional Counselor & Health Educator. Her passion is to help women create balance in body, mind and spirit. She helps women who struggle with stress, lack of energy or excess weight take action to reach optimal health through good nutrition. She loves to cook, run, teach cooking classes and runs monthly women's groups called "Feed Your Soul—for Women on the GO." She also runs corporate wellness workshops and participates in public speaking events.  Jane will be sharing some tips tomorrow as a guest blogger right here on our blog!  Make sure you come back to visit and hear all of her helpful advice for creating a healthy life style!


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