Friday, June 11, 2010

Feature Friday by Kelly Sharkey

Meet Stacy. The lovely Miss Stacey married her handsome husband on May 15th, 2010 at the Pavilion at Crystal Lake in Middletown, CT. I met Stacy at her mom's house that morning and got to work. While doing her hair and makeup, Stacy was the most relax bride I've ever worked with. She was just taking it all in and enjoying the morning.

Stacy and Mike's photo's were taken by the fabulous Miss Cheryl Cronin, who by the way also shot my very own wedding! The pics are just gorgeous.

Congrats Stacy and make a beautiful couple!


  1. Beautiful work, Kell! Stacy looks gorgeous :)

  2. Kelly you did an unbelievable job making Stacy look even more beautiful then she already is!!!

  3. Thanks everyone! Cheryl, as always the photos are beautiful!