Thursday, July 29, 2010

Guest Blogger Thursday:::Tracee Dolan with Affirmations, Intentions & Mantras!!!

Affirmations, Intentions & Mantras!

At the beginning of every yoga class I ask my students to set an intention. It is a very common practice. Setting an intention is an in the present positive message to yourself. As I have touched upon before, our inner critic runs the roost in our everyday inner monologue. We are SO hard on ourselves! It's our brain's job to think- so during your yoga practice thoughts may or may not run wild. Sometimes we are even judgmental to ourselves for that normal occurrence!

So pick an affirmation, intention & mantra and stick with it for a whole day!

Affirm that today is a beautiful day. Set an intention of gratitude. Repeat a mantra that resonates with your body, heart & mind. It's your choice! You can google a specific quote or even install an affirmation iphone app. seriously! Try it when you are brushing your teeth, sitting in traffic, or notice a negative self defeating train of thought.

Sure, Positive self talk makes for a great comedic skit- I'm sure you all remember Stuart Smalley; of "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough  and gosh darn it people like me" fame. But, there's lot of truth to that humor. There almost always is  :)

Tracee Dolan is available or group or private instruction. Please feel free to contact and mention the Jennie Fresa Beauty Library when you do.

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  1. Today is a beautiful day!! Thanks for your contributions Tracee. You're posts are so inspiring!!