Thursday, July 15, 2010

Basic Meditation Tips from Tracee Dolan Part II :: for JFBL Guest Blogger Thursday!

I've posted about meditation before, but I also know that it is QUITE hard to start a regular meditation practice. So here are some new tricks & tips to help you feel great! 
Meditation Part II:

A regular meditation practice will increase concentration, lessen anxiety, and a emphasize general feelings of happiness. But how do you get started right? It's so much easier than you would ever think.

A few tips for starting your own very basic meditation practice:
  • Set aside 5 minutes 10 if you are motivated!
  • Find a quiet space (the beach is pretty perfect)
  • Get comfy, sit down, lie down, whatever works for you!
  • Turn off the ringer on your phone & set the alarm for the amount of time you wish to meditate
  • Slow your breath as you inhale and exhale through your nose
  • softly close your eyes & allow your eyes to rest behind your eyelids
  • feel every part of you relax starting with the crown of your head down to your toes (imagine bath water when you pull the drain). 
  • let go from within, rather than letting your eyes scan your body as you breathe and let go.
The best tip I ever heard for beginning meditation practice was to allow your self the sensations of each inhale and exhale. If your mind wanders, then so it goes, let it go and return attention to your breath.What does it feel like to breathe in? What does it feel like to breathe out? That is your meditation. Let go as you examine the sensations within your body as you breathe. If clearing your mind is rough in the beginning, think of a mantra or an affirmation that you can repeat as you practice your meditation. Keep it positive and have fun with it. The end result is 'emphasized feelings of happiness and it's yoga & meditation practice not yoga & meditation perfect, you'll get there!

Still unsure? youtube a chakra meditation! go to youtube and check out these chakra meditation  links. Or type in some key words of your own. There are many guided meditation videos to choose from!

A 10 minute meditation paired with a JFBL fassage seems like a perfect afternoon to me!
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