Tuesday, July 13, 2010

beauty tip tuesday: Don't be hard heeled!

 I practically live in my flip flips during the summer months and boy do my feet pay for it.  Although I am pretty faithful to a biweekly pedicure, sometimes that isn't even enough!!  

Let me share a few tips to help keep those toes pretty and smooth in between spa visits:

1.) Soak feet in a warm tub filled with warm water.  Sprinkle in some bath salts and a few slices of lemon (citric acid which helps to brighten and exfoliate skin) to the water.

2.) Soften heels and calluses with a foot file.  Try Diamancel Diamond File.

3.) Shop your medicine cabinet for a rich moisturizer and apply it to your feet.  If it's good enough for your face....

4.) Apply a shine enhancing top coat to give polish a little more lasting power!


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