Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beauty Tip Tuesday: Don't get burned, literally.

What do I need to do to convince women that looking like an old leather bag or a rusty bike isn't attractive at all?!  {big sigh.}  

You remember Magda, from Something About Mary, don't you?!  Not good.  I have come to terms that my preaching doesn't resonate with everyone and bearing in mind that accidents do happen, I want to share a few tips for soothing a sun burn.....just in case.

1.) Start drinking water right away.  You're body looses a lot of fluid when you get burned, so try drinking a glass of water every hour until the burn starts to go away.  And, stay out of the sun for a few days.

2.) Take a few aspirin, and pile on a cooling gel like Aloe Vera ( you might want to keep the gel in the refrigerator).  You can also try an old remedy of cold black tea compresses.  I hear black tea really helps to calm the redness and relieve the burning sensation.

3.) Start moisturizing your skin right away.  Vaseline Intensive Care lotion or Cocoa Butter are both really good.  Also, look for lotions that contain Coffee Berry, known to aid cell renewal.  Try not to pick or peel the dead skin and wear loose fitting clothes for a few days.

4.) Find a local salon that offers, a natural-looking spray tan and start wearing SPF 30+ everyday.


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