Monday, July 19, 2010

Must Have Monday: Keratin Hair Treatment!!

Two weeks ago I had the keratin hair treatment and I absolutely LOVE it!!  I have naturally curly hair but I blow dry it straight every week, which can be a hassle.  I was so excited to try it out!

Here's what you should know: the keratin treatment is not a chemical treatment.  It lasts for about 4-5 months depending on your hair.  It's a revolutionary process that shines, smoothes and improves the health of your hair.  It was discovered in Brazil about 10 years ago.  My stylist told me ahead of time that my hair would not be completely straight, but would be "frizz free" and really easy to blow dry straight.  The treatment took about 2 hours to complete.  She carefully apply the wet keratin treatment to my locks, one strand at a time and then sealed it into place with a 450 degree flat iron.  My hair never looked more shiny!!  

There are a few rules you must follow after the treatment.  You cannot wash your hair for 3-4 days ( I went 5 just to be safe).  You can't tie your hair back or tuck it behind your ears for the same corse of time.  When you do wash, you must use a "sulfate free" shampoo.  I'm using PUREOLOGY shampoo and conditioner, recommended by my stylist.  ( It's available at Target! )

The results are amazing (and worth the hefty, $350 price tag)!  Even in this humid, heat wave, I am frizz-free!!  I am sold for life!  If you want to try the treatment at a reputable salon with a certified stylist, I suggest Luisette at Salon East in Branford, CT. (203) 488-2827

Tell her I sent you!! :-)



  1. Jennie,
    Like you, I've got the curls. I'd love for to get rid of the frizz, but not the curls. Would you recommend a keratin treatment?
    Love the blog, Jaimee Mendillo

  2. Hi Jamie!! Thanks for reading the blog!! :-)

    Actually what I love most about the treatment is that I still have the option to wear my curls!! My hair is a little less curly and the curls are more like a beach wave but it's definitely not completely straight. My hair feels really soft and is super shiny. When you first get it done, your hair does look poker straight but after you wash it, the curls will come back. It's the no-frizz part that I was skeptical about but I swear---I have absolutely no frizz, which is a miracle for my hair. Usually in this weather, it's a complete mess and tied back every day.

    You should try it out! keep me posted if you do...

    Hope all is well with you!! Keep in touch!!


  3. Jennie, thanks so much for writing about this...I too have been considering a Keratin treatment, but have been torn between really great reviews like yours and really bad ones. I guess it depends on the stylist, and the actual product. Do you know if yours had formaldehyde? Was it the Brazilian kind?
    Did she say how long it would last?


    Jennifer Cameron

  4. Hi Jenn

    She said it would last about 4-6 months but depends on the persons hair. it's formaldehyde free I believe, but you can call Luisette and check with her! I am so happy with my experience!! It's a miracle--I blew dry my hair in less then 10 minutes today!! Let me know if you try it!! Hope you're having a great summer!! Stop by and say hello when you're in town next!!


  5. Thx Jennie!
    I will totally stop by, been meaning to come see your shop!
    Hope you're having a great summer!

  6. have heard these are amazing - can't wait to see yours! :)