Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beauty Tip Tuesday: HEAT proof makeup!

Many women are concerned with the longevity of their makeup, especially in a hot and humid climate.

Today, I thought I would share a few pro tricks for keeping makeup in place during the summer months!

Lips:  dab a little moisturizer on your lips and fill in your entire lip with a lip liner pencil in lieu of lipstick.  The wax from the pencil lasts longer and is richer in pigment, so it wont fade as quickly.  If you want a little shine, just add a little gloss on top.

Eyes:  Try switching from pencil liner to liquid liner, which has more intense color and hold up better in heat.  Avoid kohl pencils which have a tendency to smudge and run.  For eye shadow, try layering products.  Draw a thicker line on your top lash line with a pencil and then layer a cream or shadow on top to create a smokey eye with great lasting power.

Cheeks: Try dabbing a little of your red/coral lipstick on the apples of your cheeks.  Then apply a sheer dusting of your everyday powder blush on top.  You'll get a nice flushed look that won't fade away in the heat.

Face:  Try using a light texture foundation or a tinted moisturizer instead of full coverage.  Natural-looking textures are best in the summer.  Think light weight.  If you get greasy, try using blotting papers which absorb excess oils without removing your makeup.


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