Friday, July 16, 2010

Feature Friday by Nedelyn Perry

In addition to styling hair for the Jennie Fresa Beauty Library another aspect of the beauty industry that I've always had a passion for is skincare.  Currently, along with doing hair I also provide skincare services at the Beauty Library's Mini-Spa. Many of our brides that come to the Beauty Library say they want a natural glow on their wedding day.  I tell my clients that they can achieve the "natural glow" simply by taking extra care of their skin. Getting a facial on a regular basis is a great way to maintain beautiful, flawless skin.  Along with a routine facial you must make sure you wear sunscreen everyday (rain or shine).  Gone are the day's of basking in the sun with nothing but baby oil and a light reflector (remember Magda from There's something about Mary?).  The benefits of wearing a sunscreen are that it helps prevent age spots, premature aging and most importantly skin cancer.  Once you make this part of your daily routine you will notice that your complexion will appear fresh and have that youthful glow! Remember it's never to late to get serious about your skin.
If you're interested in booking a Facial Treatment with your's truly at the Beauty Library's Mini-Spa please call 860-469-5325 and If you mention this blog post you will recieve 25% off your 1st  facial service.
Now slather yourself with sunscreen, grab your sunglasses and have a Great Summer!


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the post, Ned! And SOO true, people don't realize how important sunscreen really is for keeping skin youthful and dewy! Plus, there are so many great bronzers out there, that there's no need to fry in the sun!

  2. Well Said Ned! No one wants to end up like Magda! She was super scary!

  3. Great post- skin care is tres important, especially this time of year!