Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beauty Tip Tuesday: Gorgeous Arches!

Brows frame your face and define your eyes!  Make them count!  A few tips for filling in your brows!

Here's how to choose the right color for you:

Brunettes: Choose a color one shade lighter than your natural hair color.

Blondes: Try to match the low lights, or the darkest strand of color.

Red Heads: Experiment with sable colors or soft browns, never match an exact red.

Black Hair: Never use a black pencil or shadow, it's way too harsh.  Try a dark brown instead.

Gray/Silver Hair: Taupe shades are best, they soften your features.

Ps.  Over plucked brows will make you look older, so find the right brow shade for your hair color and start filling those puppies in!  Need help?  Visit with a professional for a shaping, most experts can help you with the shape and help you find an appropriate shade for filling in.  It may take some time to grow in over tweezed brows, be patient!  It's worth it!

To schedule a brow shaping at the Beauty Library, give us a ring!  860-469-5325!



  1. Love that full eyebrows are back in! Woo! And for all you JF beauties that haven't had your brows done by Jennie - you're missin' out girls! She works WONDERS!

  2. I agree 150%!!! Jennie has been working on my brows for a few months now and the difference is amazing! Anyone who has never had a brow shaping call Jennie asap!!!

  3. Thanks Ladies!! Now, I have to practice what I preach and make some to do my own--it's time!! heheh ;-) xo