Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What's Happening Wednesday: Island Living!!

I've been going to Block Island ever since I was a little girl.  My aunt used to take me on day trips until I was a teen and now, I continue the tradition with my husband and friends for one week every summer!

This year, we are staying at The Sheffield House located not too far from Old Harbor and town!!  Our room is no frills, but who cares?!  It's everything else that the Island has to offer, that make this place one of the BEST places on earth, in my opinion of course!!

I wanted to share some of my favorite past times while vacationing here on the island:

*Reading books, magazines, catching waves, and playing Bag-O at either Scotch Beach or Mansion Beach.

*Dancing to disco at Captain Nicks

*Banana mudslides for happy hour at Trader Vics

*Shopping at the Glass Onion and Mad Hatter

*Grabbing an ice cream cone at the Old Ice Cream Place

*Dinner at Eli's

*Catching a movie at The Empire Theatre

*Ending an evening with a flaming coffee at Hotel Manisses

*Enjoying the view and a key lime martini at The Spring House

*Peel and east Shrimp at The Oar

*Sunsets on the west side of the Island

The list goes on and on!  And, so does the countdown until next years trip......

Ahhhhh, Island Living!!

For more information on Block Island or to book a trip, click here!



  1. Sounds like heaven, Jennie! Enjoy that Key Lime Martini - sounds delish!

  2. thanks miss lindsay key lime martini's are so yummy!! and thank you for your help with the blog this week!! xoxo