Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Guest Blogger: Tracee Dolan with Parent Child Yoga Book Release!

 Greetings Everyone!
I am super excited to announce on the JFBL that my Parent Child Yoga Book is hitting the presses. I've been teaching Parent Child yoga classes for a few years now and it is one of my faves. Kids from ages 3 to 13+ really benefit from this awesome partner class and so do Mom's & Dad's ( a few grandparents too)!

    The book is the entire class mapped out with stick figure drawings that can be colored it. There is room to write in notes & anything else you would like to record or draw about your Parent Child Yoga experience.  I decided to write the book for the parents who would request a written down transcript of the yoga flow we practiced in class. It can also be pretty cool to think of it as a recorded keepsake of your yoga experience.

   If you haven't tried Parent child yoga or even partner yoga- give it a shot! It's a playful, heart warming and sentimental connection that leaves you feeling great! One Dad, (whom I will never forget- was kind enough to share with me after class) said, that he felt so much love for his 11 year -old son during svasanah (resting pose) that his eyes would well-up with tears of joy.

The class is tailored for all levels.

Parent Child Yoga, a yoga instruction & coloring book by Tracee Dolan: is self published so feel free to contact if you would like to arrange a book event, party, class, or simply order a single copy :))


  1. How exciting - Congrats on your book, Tracee!

  2. Congratulations Tracee!! What a great accomplishment! I think we need to plan a book launch party at the Beauty Library!!? =)

  3. i'll need to order one to keep in the beauty library! please sign me up for a copy!! xo