Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beauty Trend Tuesday: Shades of Fall

image from www.stylist.com

It's THAT time of year!  The leaves start changing, the smell in the air reminds us that it's back to school, the coffee shops reintroduce pumpkin flavored lattes, and the September issues of my favorite magazines hit the news stands!  This year, fall fashion is realistic, it's versatile and it's fun!  I can't wait to plan my trip into the city and start shopping!!
Makeup and skin care, like your wardrobe, should change with each season.  Makeup wardrobing is a technique that I learned from my old boss, Trish McEvoy.  It's helpful and it's effective in your acheiving your overall style.  Think about it, you pack up your linens and take out your heavier, wool fabrics when the seasons change, right?  Well, our skin changes too, and that means that the lotions, cleaners, foundations and colors that worked in the summer may not work in the cooler months....

I want to share a few trends in makeup for fall 2010.  You don't need to follow all, or any, of them for that matter, but it's fun to see what's popular and then determine what may or may not work for you!

Tangerine and deep-plum stained lips

Moss green and lavender eye shadows


Smooth Matte Skin and Sparkled-Pink Cheeks

Liquid or cream liner winged out

Teal nails or chocolate brown nails

I am offering a discounted "makeup waredrobing" session here at the Beauty Library exclusively for our readers!  To book an appointment, send me a message at jennie@jenniefresa.com and put "Fall Makeover" in the subject box.  The session includes:

Evaluation of skin
Hydrating Facial
Makeup Bag Clean up
Color Evaluation
Makeup Lesson
Brow Shaping
Detailed Face Chart with new look
10 % discount on makeup products
Sweet Treats and Champagne




  1. What a great idea, "makeup wardrobing"! I love it, Jen! If you haven't already, Allure has some great Fall colors for makeup wardrobing -- many of which are similar to our new, amazing fall line of JF Minerals!

  2. Oh yes! I saw the beautiful moss green in allure! I can't WAIT to get that one in at the studio ( hopefully by mid sept-fingers crossed)! So fun!!!