Thursday, August 12, 2010

Guest Blogger Thursday: Tracee Dolan of Tracee Teaches Yoga with: the art of letting go...

  We all hold on to something. There is something very beautiful and freeing in truly letting go. The learned practice of holding- creates tension. Tension causes unnecessary stress to your body, heart & mind.  Stress is the number 1 cause of illness. We hold our jaws tightly, clench our hands and affix our gaze in intense ways . We hold on to ideas, a storyline, a way we think we should be. 
 Try to practice softness and truly 'let go' once a day (or more). It takes practice. But it's a fun practice. What are you holding on to? Is it a struggle? A posture? A facial expression? 
Start with your jaw. Randomly take time in the middle of your day to check in with your jaw. Is it clenched? Is the bottom row of your teeth closely hinged to the top? Separate them, soften the muscles in your jaw & even your tongue. Part your lips slightly. Imagine that the next breath you take in is softening and nourishing every part of you. Exhale EVERYthing out that you are holding on to,thought patterns, tightness, even if it's just air. Let it all go. In that minute moment between your exhale & inhale you may find a little peace, a lot of softness & a sweet (and much needed) introduction to the art of letting go.

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Tracee is available for group or private instruction. Please feel free to contact with any questions for scheduling information.


  1. Tracee, thank you for this:)))

  2. Ah, a very good reminder!! thanks for sharing!! xoxox