Monday, August 2, 2010

Must Have Monday: Tools of the Trade!

The concept is so simple, I can't believe someone didn't think of sooner.  The "YOU CURL" clamp-free iron by Conair is simply genius!  Say good-bye to prom like spirals!  So often our clients, especially brides, want loose, beach-waves.  The YOU CURL iron is the answer, my friends!  It's so easy to use and delivers more, free-flowing waves.  The real beauty is how much control you have when styling your hair. You can create loose or more defined of curls. This version is made with tourmaline ceramic which protects your hair from heat and helps to prevent static.  Available at

Another great tool that I recently stumbled upon and had to share with our readers, is the Trish McEvoy Mistake-proof Sheer Application Brush.  As a former Trish McEvoy makeup artist, I can tell you honestly that her iconic collection of brushes really do deliver.  This brush is made with a mix of natural and synthetic brushes, giving you a flawless finish.  Or, as Trish says, "The perfect kiss of color" every time.  It's multifunctional, however, I like it best for applying blush or bronzer.  Find it at Nordstrom



  1. The clamp free curling iron is INDEED a must have! It works fabulously in creating more natural, romantic looking curls, and here's a tip, ladies -- when curling your gorgeous locks, try winding the first half of your section of hair one way around the iron, then winding the bottom half of the strand the reverse direction. This creates an extra beachy, organic curl/wave combo!

  2. Jennie I am so excited about this curling iron! I have NEVER been able to master the traditional clamp model and am renowned for enlisting people to help "fix me" (eeek kinks!) before we go out - must go get this immediately!

  3. Hi Erin-- I know! I'm so excited! It's so great for making beach waves!!
    I had so much fun visiting with you last time!! See you again soon!! xoxo